Full Year

Full-Year Curriculum

Trust your instincts.

You know what’s missing in your child’s education.

Full-Year Curriculum

Close the learning gaps.

Abeka’s Spiral Learning approach helps your child retain information and advance quickly with confidence.

Full-Year Curriculum

You can make the switch.

Abeka empowers you to choose which curriculum is best for your child.

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Abeka offers digital solutions for children in grades K4-12.

Select Grade

Abeka offers hands-on solutions for children in grades Pre-K - 12.

Hold On1

The core of the Abeka curriculum

Find out how Spiral Learning enables kids to retain more of what they learn.

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Our First-Time Homeschooling Checklist

The idea of starting your first-ever year of homeschool …whew! Where to begin? It’s intimidating. It’d be nice if there was some sort of checklist.

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Full-Year Curriculum

From digital to parent-led, Abeka has flexible full-year homeschool options.

Single-Semester Curriculum

Looking for something more immediate? We have single-semester solutions.

Supplemental Products

Abeka offers readers, flashcards and digital teaching aids to engage your child.